Want your caffeine buzz to last a little longer? Here's your chance ... only in a more impactful way!


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Brentwood, TN 37027

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Mon-Fri: 6a – 9p
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4002 Granny White Pk
Nashville TN 37204

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Mon-Thur: 6a – 6p
Fri: 6a – 9p
Sat: 8a – 9p
Sun: 9a – 6p

There's power in coffee.

Coffee can provide more than just a buzz.
We know the power of coffee can provide nourishment,
community and, ultimately, hope.

turning coffee into water

The Well’s story begins with you.

Not only do we want to let you know that we care, we want to invite you into a story. When you buy coffee or other products from us, you are contributing not only a few dollars but a chapter of hope. You are joining a mission. Ultimately, you are filling The Well so that, together, we can pour out hope into the lives of people. So let us serve you a cup of your favorite coffee. And know that you are helping to serve the world.

We love coffee. We love people even more.

The Well is a coffeehouse community with a bold vision to make a difference around the world and in our local community. As a non-profit missional coffeehouse we exist to make money…and then give it away! And there’s more. We also exist to greet you with best cup of coffee you’ve ever had and with a smile that lets you know how much we care. We know, it sounds unusual. So let us tell you what that vision is all about. The Well began with a group of friends who simply wanted to make a difference in the world.

Well, well, well, look who we've teamed up with.

We are thrilled to have linked arms with our friends at the
Living Water Project and Blood:Water Mission to provide
clean water to the millions around the world in need.

People die every day from a lack of clean water
Cost to build a well ranges from $1000-$12,000


55% of people in the World live under 2 dollars a day
Number of people in a village that 1 well serves