Together we can make a difference in the community and the world.


We love coffee. We love people even more. The Well is a coffeehouse community with a bold vision to make a difference around the world and in our local community. As a non-profit missional coffeehouse we exist to make money…and then give it away! And there’s more. We also exist to greet you with best cup of coffee you’ve ever had and with a smile that lets you know how much we care. We know, it sounds unusual. So let us tell you what that vision is all about. The Well began with a group of friends who simply wanted to make a difference in the world.

We wanted to put our love and our faith into action. We didn’t feel wealthy. And we really weren’t business experts. But we started to realize that, even though we struggled like most people, to keep up with our mortgages and monthly bills, we had been given so much!

Not only did we realize how much we had, we began to open our eyes to shocking realities that we had for too long ignored. People around the world who were dying because they didn’t have access to the most basic necessitates of life. People in Nashville who were needing hope, love, and community.

The Well is our way to love the world. That begins with you. Not only do we want to let you know that we care, we want to invite you into a story. When you buy coffee or other products from us, you are contributing not only a few dollars but a chapter of hope. You are joining a mission. Ultimately, you are filling The Well so that, together, we can pour out hope into the lives of people. So let us serve you a cup of your favorite coffee. And know that you are helping to serve the world.



Chris Soper – Co-founder, Chairman

soperA Veteran Retail Manager with more than 15 years of Sales experience. With a strong background in Retail and a desire to Lead a Change in the World and his family.

In his own words:  I want to show my family and the world what a Christian Business should look like, by doing what is right with the profits of a business, not what the world thinks we should do with the profits. My desire is to show that this life is not about ourselves but something bigger and that how we live, what we do, and how we do it make a statement about Whose we are. When we do we trade in our personal desires for His desires. And His desire is to take care of His children.

Rob Touchstone – Co-founder, Overseer of Local and Global Mission

touchstoneA Missional Discipleship minister at the Otter Creek church and Adjunct Bible Professor at Lipscomb University with 16 years of ministry experience (15 1/2 of those years in youth ministry). Rob has also planted a church that meets in The Well called WELL_HOUSE that is open to all every Sunday evening.  Rob is blessed by his family as husband to his wife Aimee and father of two children, Anna and John Mark.

In his own words:  ”The things we treasure most in life are what our hearts will pursue.  I  treasure people as beautiful creations designed in the imager of their Maker.  My passion is for meeting people right where they are and helping them to live a bigger story.   I wrote the vision for The Well with a desire to change the world one person at a time through love, beauty, compassion,  justice, and mission.  Love.  Coffee.  The perfect blend.”

Steve E Morrow, Secretary of the Board

morrowCurrently serve as Installation Manager for Dish in Middle Tennessee, and previously was a big box retail manager and Youth Minister for 6 years each.

In his own words:  ”My goal as an ambassador of Christian relief is to achieve meaningful, lasting change for the world’s most vulnerable; and show the glory of God through the love of Jesus (Mt 25:31-40). I am the husband to a wonderful Christian woman (Shelley) and the father of two children (Emory and Elijah).”

Charlie Dillingham, Treasurer

Well11CPA with professional beginnings in public accounting and currently the Director of Financial Reporting for AmSurg Coporation in Nashville, TN. Graduated from Lipscomb University with an accounting degree and later a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in nonprofit management. Also had the privilege to participate in Young Leaders Council of Nashville that develops and trains young professionals for service on nonprofit boards of directors.  Husband to my love Lindsay and dad to my daughter Charlotte.

In his own words: “I want the Well to offer a safe venue in which people can find their own unique relationship with our Lord.   I am passionate and committed to the mission of meeting the basic needs of individuals with any financial proceeds The Well is blessed to generate. Col. 3:23

Matthew Yates, Board Member

yatesDaddy to 3 girls and a Director of Operations of a growing lawn care company in Nashville, Tennessee, with over 10 years of cross-culture management experience.

In his own words:  ”My desire is to provide sustainable solutions to poverty stricken areas of the world here. Jesus commanded us to “go into all the world” – I believe this starts with me.  My desire is to spread the Good News to the ends of the earth and to meet people on their level.  My love for mission work in Jamaica, Romania, Navajo Reservation, Honduras, and others is what has drawn me closer to the Lord.  I want my passion to be the same as His passion and my loves the same as his loves and express those to the world around me.  Along with my wife, Cyndi, we have invested our lives into the teens at the Tusculum Youth Ministry. I believe that the world can be a better place but it begins with the person staring back at you in the mirror. “Seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with Our God.””


Pat Bennett, Board Member

BennettPat is an Area Director in Healthcare with Kronos Incorporated.  He began his career in 1993 and has held various sales, management, and leadership roles and responsibilities.  He’s married to Cynthia and is Brooks and Nathan’s dad.

In his own words:  ”Coffee, Missions, and Business – three words that really motivate me!  The Well’s business model is unique in that not only do we make money to give it away, we train employees to truly be servants as they further their careers in business or leadership.  In combination with brewing a great coffee product, these attributes provide our markets and communities a simple and effective place to meet and fellowship.   Lives are changed at The Well.  Missions are funded at The Well.  Ideas are incubated at The Well.  Many great and productive business and ministry conversations occur at The Well.  My ultimate prayer is The Well is a place of peace and joy for all of our baristas and customers!  Phil 4:6-7